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REMI VAN OERS is a one of a kind design studio providing innovative, award winning and superbly crafted design work.


Yes, we do believe in design. The bottom line is: we care about what we do. Each curve has to be near perfect, every line considered, every solution clever, every detail sophisticated, and every product worth shipment.

We work from a philosophy which stands for hi-end, sustainable and simplified design. Our scope covers: design direction, consumer product development, furniture design, architecture, and everything in between.

NEWTIME time 2.0

Same hours.
Same minutes.
Different approach.

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NEWTIME time 2.1

Same hours.
Same minutes.
(Yet again) a different approach.

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CARVING balance


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Our appreciation of details.

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REMI VAN OERS design studio, founded by Remi van Oers in 2010 after graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven, is a compact creative studio focussing on innovative, aesthetic design with thought. Based in the Netherlands, we work on both commissioned and self-initiated hi-end design projects.