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NEWTIME time 2.0

Same hours. Same minutes. Different approach.



An intuitive and visually calm way of reading time.

We have all learned to read time, so unnecessary visual clutter can be left out.
The philosophy behind NEWTIME is that with the use of design,
we can build further on what we have already learned in life.

Designer clock newtime

time 2.0

time 2.0 is the physical first and original pioneer of the NEWTIME time objects.
NEWTIME time 2.0 is innovatively constructed from sintered Nylon 11 bioplastic.

All NEWTIME time objects are developed in-house and manufactured in limited series, so be sure to obtain your beloved model in time.

Developing time 2.0

Watch the story behind NEWTIME time objects.
Showing the design thinking process of time 2.0.

Time reading

How to interpret time with NEWTIME.

NEW TIME innovative clock

NEWTIME TIME 2.0 clock innovation

Now more than ever we choose to live consciously, to spend our time the way we want it to be spent. The NEWTIME clock symbolises this spirit, presenting you time re-invented.

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NEWTIME time 2.0 is designed & manufactured in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

NEWTIME time 2.0 is an object to be used as decoration. Keep away from children.