Remi van Oers x Hutspot

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Nov 2018

Dutch lifestyle brand Hutspot with concept stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven is our official Dutch partner for the design studio's starting collection.

Hutspot with its hand-picked and pioneering assortment is a perfect match with our studio. Together we kickoff the launch of NEWTIME time 2.1 in Eindhoven.

Remi about the new partnering:

“We envision to have a very minimal selection of official partners. We select the most suitable partners in ambience, service and quality. Hutspot is a unique fit for the studio and I am very enthusiastic on us starting to work together.”


2.1 time + DDW18 looking back

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2018.jpg
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2.1 time - exhibition of the design process

This year we opened our studio doors during DDW (Dutch Design Week) to exhibit our newest design time 2.1 and its marvellous creation process in an intimate, personal setting.

“Time 2.1, a clock that embodies an intuitive and pristine way of reading time, will represent our studio and vision during DDW 2018. time 2.1 is the highlight of our collection, which we design in addition to our ongoing work for brands.”

Dutch Design Week 2018 01.jpg
21 time exhibition design process.jpg
time 21 October launch.jpg

We are looking back at a wonderful #ddw18 and time 2.1 launch, many thanks to everybody that came by and to all of your enthusiasm, looking forward seeing you all again next year at Dutch Design Week 2019!

BusinessBoost Mark and Daan

Daan and Mark from Dutch industrial chair brand Score are two ambitious entrepreneurs that want to innovate their business. Together with A-class college entrepreneurs from different fields, Remi was called in as innovative design expert to help Mark and Daan discover new business opportunities for the future.

It was a complete surprise for the two men to gain in this expert-day named ‘BusinessBoost’ initiated by ING and MKB-Nederland. See the energetic movie that captures their day below.

More about BusinessBoost can be found here.

Shapeways Clip-it Review

Shapeways, the 3D-printing manufacturer for our Apple accessories line just started a brand new column on their website called Reviews to demonstrate the products they like. To kick off this new column Shapeways took a closer look at my design Clip-it, a small gadget that takes away the hassle to charge your iPhone.
Watch Seth demonstrating Clip-it:

3D printed accessories

I designed these series of keen simple yet handy gadgets back in 2012 when we were co-pioneering 3D printed designs and Shapeways shows these early ones are still going strong today!

Read Shapeways full review here.
To take a look at our complete Apple accessories line click here.


NEWTIME time 2.0 is now purchasable directly from within the studio through our new online shop!

 NEWTIME time 2.0    €100.00

NEWTIME time 2.0    €100.00


NEWTIME is a new take on the time reading we all grew up with and with its first physical result; time 2.0 it will showcase its innovative essence in your home.

NEWTIME time 2.0 will be that perfect gift to each design enthusiast!

The clock comes in its original designed box.

Explore all about NEWTIME.


Winning the Red Dot Design Award

 red dot award winner
Red Dot Award.jpg

Dreaming to one day -before retiring- winning a Red Dot Design Award would have be a cherry on the cake. Winning this award now for designing the Carving Balance for Carving Fitness, which we worked on very hard for the last two years, really feels rewarding!


Statement by the jury:
“The Carving Balance strikes a convincing balance between elegant design and functionality and thus enhances the pleasure of working out.”


The Red Dot Organisation gave us a letter with overwhelming numbers ready to use in an impressive press release, stating with the fact that we are one of the successful winners out of 4928 entries from 56 countries, while being judged by a 38-member jury of international experts who awarded us with a Red Dot Award for high design quality.

This could easily be used to make a great impression of course, but I am prouder stating that we created this great product with a really small and dedicated team, with the core participants countable on one hand. Proud to say that our goal was not to win an award but to create the best possible fitness product we can today. I am proud to see that taking design seriously, believing in innovation and working with a good collaboration actually does reap its reward. For this I am proud!

I want to thank the people involved in this journey so far, from engineering, to manufacturing, to web development. I want to thank Twan Kuijpers, founder of Carving Fitness in particular for believing in this designer with his ideas of renewal. Hard work pays off doesn’t it?

Way too early to retire though, so up to the next award!



 reddot design award carving balance


More info on the Red Dot Design Award: (our product and award visible from June 29th)