Carving Film

Recently we shot a film of the Carving Balance showing the new design whist in use. 
For this we returned to the wonderful photo studio of XYZ-imaging whom we worked with earlier to shoot a full 360-degrees photo of the new fitness apparatus. In this new video model Kim shortly demonstrates the many exercises that can be enjoyed through Carving's unique and patented movement.

Carving Fitness and I where very much on the same page concerning the ambiance and message that we wanted to convey in this short instruction film. Since the film would become the first 'cinematic view' on the new design, we both wanted it to appear pure, honest and minimal. The same goals we strived for whilst developing the physical design together.

Once more we happily guarded our vision and strived to stay away from power language, a machinery look or dominating attributes. I am proud to show you the final movie and maybe even just as interesting; some behind the scene photos taken during the filming process while working to get every detail cinematically right.

Carving film making 01
Carving film making 02
Carving film making 03
Carving film making 04

For this film Twan, founder of Carving Fitness insisted on working with the same people that had been involved in the product development (that's us) to catch some of the design vision in the short film and therefore protect the overall purity and encompass Carving's sensual impression.

Carving film making 05
Carving film making 06
Carving film making 07
Carving film making 08
Carving film making 09

The XYZ-Imaging studio possesses a large circular floor, which can be smoothly rotated. Therefore we were able to easily film the Carving Balance without having to manually rotate the design for the several viewing angles.

Carving film making 10
Carving film making 11

Enjoyment always rises whilst fruitfully working together. Strike that pose!

Carving film making 12
Carving film making 13
Carving film making 14


More info on the XYZ-Imaging photo studio can be found here.