The intuitive, clear and pristine way of reading time.


A collection straight from the studio.

We always dreamed of designing, engineering and selling our products directly to you.
NEWTIME time 2.0 made this dream a reality. Now our second product time 2.1 is finalised, and is available in an initial limited series of innovative time objects.

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time 2.1

supreme aluminium design


Time is an open field to be explored.

Now more than ever we choose to live consciously, to spend our time the way we want it to be spent. The NEWTIME clock symbolises this spirit, presenting you time re-invented.

Visualising time

The orange dot indicates the hour, the black dot indicates the minutes. That simple.


Functional minimalism

A graphic, innovative and intuitive way of interpreting time. True simplicity.

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NT 2-1 launch together - 2500p - n.jpg

Designed with care

Dutch design and craftsmanship combined with German quarts intelligence. NEWTIME time objects are responsibly designed and manufactured in Eindhoven.


time 2.1

supreme aluminium design


time 2.0

the sintered original

NEWTIME time 2.1

Same hours.
Same minutes.
(Yet again) a different approach.

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Layered view

time 2.1 features subtle depth levels for easy time reading.

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NT 2-1 launch angle back - 2500p - n - darker.jpg

Time telling beautifully packed

time 2.1 pioneers an all-aluminium casing, which is CNC milled, bead blasted, and anodised for durability.

NT 2-1 launch balance+stand - 2500p - n.jpg

Self-aligning with or without stand

time 2.1 is balanced and can be used with and without its stand, which magnetically connects to the aluminium body and aligns itself.

NT 2-1 launch balance flat- 2500p - n.jpg

Seamless casing

The housing consists of a machined solid piece of aluminium, obviating the necessity of a separate back cover. The hidden time control and battery are accessible by a single-push movement.

NEWTIME time 2.0

Same hours.
Same minutes.
Different approach.

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NEWTIME clocks are designed & manufactured in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. NEWTIME clocks are objects to be used as decoration. Keep away from children.