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Remi van Oers x Jane Worthington

Remi van Oers is teaming up with British-Dutch female designer Jane Worthington to work on three new ground-breaking projects.

The projects in the works are in the arena of electrical appliances, public architecture and home furniture. Remi and Jane have a history together for over 11 years, starting at the Design Academy Eindhoven back in 2008, are friends and have successfully collaborated in the past several times working on various projects together. Some of these projects have been for Jane‘s personal design studio, and others have been for respected clients like Dutch furniture brand Leolux.

Stay tuned to receive updates on the new Jane + Remi works.

Remi and Jane in the design studio working on a ground-breaking new well-being product for a leading Italian brand.

Remi and Jane in the design studio working on a ground-breaking new well-being product for a leading Italian brand.

Winning the Red Dot Design Award

red dot award winner
Red Dot Award.jpg

Dreaming to one day -before retiring- winning a Red Dot Design Award would have be a cherry on the cake. Winning this award now for designing the Carving Balance for Carving Fitness, which we worked on very hard for the last two years, really feels rewarding!


Statement by the jury:
“The Carving Balance strikes a convincing balance between elegant design and functionality and thus enhances the pleasure of working out.”


The Red Dot Organisation gave us a letter with overwhelming numbers ready to use in an impressive press release, stating with the fact that we are one of the successful winners out of 4928 entries from 56 countries, while being judged by a 38-member jury of international experts who awarded us with a Red Dot Award for high design quality.

This could easily be used to make a great impression of course, but I am prouder stating that we created this great product with a really small and dedicated team, with the core participants countable on one hand. Proud to say that our goal was not to win an award but to create the best possible fitness product we can today. I am proud to see that taking design seriously, believing in innovation and working with a good collaboration actually does reap its reward. For this I am proud!

I want to thank the people involved in this journey so far, from engineering, to manufacturing, to web development. I want to thank Twan Kuijpers, founder of Carving Fitness in particular for believing in this designer with his ideas of renewal. Hard work pays off doesn’t it?

Way too early to retire though, so up to the next award!



reddot design award carving balance


More info on the Red Dot Design Award: (our product and award visible from June 29th)