About Remi

Remi was born in a village near Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, on April 29th 1986. Completing his bachelor within four years, he graduated from the legendary Design Academy Eindhoven in 2010 with the projects ‘Easy Car Jack’, a design to easily lift a car in case of a flat tire, and ‘Reading Furniture’, a set of furniture providing everything one's reading needs. When he graduated he was nominated for the René Smeets Award, an award for the most professional graduation project. He was also honoured with a Keep an Eye Grant, the award for graduates with high professional career expectations. Directly after graduation in September 2010 Remi started his own design company, which was originally based in his parent’s garage before finally moving to Eindhoven in 2012. His designs were presented at the ‘Salone del Mobile’, the famous design fair in Milan, and the popular ‘Dutch Design Week’ in Eindhoven. Because of his thoughtful and innovative design approach Remi gained the attention of professional firms. He now designs for various companies and also dedicates his time to self-directed projects. Since 2014 Remi occupies an inspiring studio based in the dynamic working environment of the ‘Klokgebouw’ (clock building) at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Here Remi continues his pursuits and design believes as a creative entrepreneur and innovation driven designer.


A designer friend of Remi describes: 
"When we go for a drink or dinner, we obviously talk a lot about design, and Remi will say for instance 'look what we've made or look what we invented'. It’s so funny because if you know him better, you will know he basically designed or solved it almost single-handedly. You know he's been involved from the initial
idea all the way through to overseeing its realisation. He just doesn’t like to take all the credit for it, that’s how enthusiastically polite he is."

Remi's response:
(Laughs) ‘’No, I just don’t believe you get these results all by yourself. You need good teamwork to gain true success. You need the full belief from and support of your partners. And yeah, I just don't like to say 'I' all the time.’’


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Designer Remi van Oers


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