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NEWTIME now available

Discover all about NEWTIME below.



An intuitive and visually quiet way of reading time.

We have all learned to read time, so unnecessary noise can be left away.
The philosophy behind NEWTIME is that with the use of design,
we can build further on what we’ve already learned in life.

 Designer clock newtime

Developing TIME 2.0

Watch the story behind NEWTIME.
Showing the thinking process of creating TIME 2.0.

Time reading

How to interpret time with NEWTIME.

 NEW TIME innovative clock

 NEWTIME TIME 2.0 clock innovation


It is precious.

It is worth it.

Will you enjoy it?


NEWTIME/TIME 2.0 is designed & manufactured in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

NEWTIME/TIME 2.0 is an object to be used as decoration. Keep away from children.