REMI VAN OERS, founded by Remi van Oers in 2010 is a design company focussing on innovative yet aesthetic design. Based in the Netherlands we work on both self-initiated and commissioned projects.


Our vision

At our office we envision design as the expertise to craft and humanise innovative ideas.
Design for us is about much more than just how something looks.
In our vision 'good design' has that underestimated ability to translate new ideas
and inventions into soulful, useful experiences for people.
The aim of design from our point of view should be to make something lasting that enriches people's lives.

If we can be of any service for you feel free to get in touch.


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Fragment of the design studio located in Strijp-S; The creative heart of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Fragment of the design studio located in Strijp-S; The creative heart of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


Our Head Quarters


We're located in Eindhoven’s cultural centre; The Strijp-S area. Eindhoven has become one of the prominent high-tech & design regions in the world. With Brainport, the High-Tech campus, the University of Technology and the Design Academy nearby, Eindhoven is our ideal design hotspot. 
By having the studio situated in a renowned former Philips factory named ‘Klokgebouw’ (clock building) it conveys us with the entrepreneurial spirit that has been pioneered here by Philips. Since we believe a ‘one room’ approach the studio is setup as an open floorplan with high ceilings to provide a 'blank canvas' for the exciting new design projects we work on.


Our beliefs


We believe strongly that good design is so much more than just making the ‘looking good sauce’. It’s about making wonderful products, services and experiences for people.
It’s about taking care for the whole process from concept, all the way to the last detail.
It counts how something works, it counts how something is produced, just as much as it counts that the consumer smiles and enjoys the beauty and functionality of the final design.

We believe design can change the world for the better.



About Remi

Remi was born on April 29th 1986 at a village nearby Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Remi graduated in the summer of 2010 with a bachelor degree in design from the legendary Design Academy Eindhoven. He completed this within four years. On graduating he was nominated for the René Smeets Award, an award for most professional graduation project and was honoured with a Keep an Eye Grant, the award for graduates with high professional career expectations. Directly after his graduation with the projects ‘Easy Car Jack’ -a design to easily lift up your car in case of a flat tire- and ‘Reading Furniture’ -a set of furniture pieces providing everything for your reading needs- Remi started his own design company. This was in September 2010. His company was originally based in his parent’s garage, before he moved it to Eindhoven in 2012. The ideas created there were then presented at the ‘Salone del Mobile’, the famous design fair in Milan and the popular ‘Dutch Design Week’ in Eindhoven. He used these prestigious events as his platforms and showcase for the world.  Because of his thoughtful and innovative design approach Remi gained the attention of professional firms who approached him asking him to design for them. This he now does for a stable client base in conjunction with his own work on self-directed projects. Since 2014 Remi houses an inspiring office space based in the dynamic working environment of the ‘Klokgebouw’ (clock building) at strijp S in Eindhoven. Here Remi works further on his pursuits and design believes as a creative entrepreneur and innovation driven designer.



As a designer friend of Remi describes: 
"When we go for a drink or dinner, we obviously talk a lot about design and Remi will say for instance 'look what we've made or look what we invented. It’s so funny because if you know him better you will know he basically designed or solved it almost single handedly. You know he's been involved from the initial
idea all the way through to overseeing its realisation. He just doesn’t like to take all the credit for it, that’s how enthusiastically polite he is."

Remi's response:
(Laughs) ‘’No I just don’t believe you get these results all alone, you need good teamwork and collaboration with everybody involved to gain true success. You need the full belief and support from your partners. And yeah, I just don't like to say 'I' all the time.’’

'Easy Car Jack' by Remi van Oers in 2010

'Reading Furniture' by Remi van Oers in 2010

Designer Remi van Oers

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