We provide innovative and superb crafted work that enthusiasms, holds hi-quality, is enduring and well-considered; We design


Yes, we really believe in design.

The bottom line is we care about what we do. Each curve has to be near perfect, every line considered, every solution clever, every detail sophisticated and every product worth shipment.


We are a small, focussed design company dedicated to and involved in hi-quality design projects. We dream up new designs for our clients and our self-initiated projects. We work from a design philosophy which demonstrates hi-end, innovative, simplified and enduring design.


Value time. Love it. Show it.


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NewTime / Time 2.1






Our appreciation on details. A good read.

The Studio.

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REMI VAN OERS DESIGN HQ, founded by Remi van Oers in 2010 is a small, impactful design company focussing on innovative yet aesthetic design. Based in the Netherlands we work on both commissioned and self-initiated hi-quality design projects. Feel welcome to further explore the website and to get in touch, to work with us.