Yes, we really believe in design.

The bottom line is we care about what we do. Each curve has to be near perfect, every line considered, every solution clever, every detail sophisticated and every product worth shipment.


We are a small, focussed design company dedicated to and involved in hi-quality design projects. We dream up new designs for our clients and our self-initiated projects. We work from a design philosophy which demonstrates hi-end, innovative, simplified and enduring design.

Simple complexity

We cut through the clutter and visual noise by removing what’s unnecessary and distilling the essential.

Simple complexity 03.png


The aim of design from our point of view should be to make something lasting that enriches people's lives.
Or at the very least helps them forward enjoying it.


When your aim is to make something great to enhance people's lives, then you will make substantially different decisions in the whole development process. This in contrast with just a focus on profits or costs, let’s say the short term approach.
Our approach is that when you’re making something for somebody else, then you want the result to be absolutely perfect, even into the smallest detail.

Working and thinking as designers we always aim to flawlessly blend strategy, technology, aesthetics and engineering into designs which deserve their reason for being and deserve to be around people.
From our extended experience we know manufacturability is important just as costs, schedules and in-time deliverables are. But without the aim to make something succesfull for the end-user all these important settings will fail in the long term at any rate.


If this vision, which we carry out on our own designs and our ongoing commissioned projects, spans the values of your brand then feel free to see if we can collaborate.