Collaboration perspective


Besides our self-initiated designs we spend lots of time and passion working on commissioned designs;
Collaborations as we like to call them. This keeps us fresh, all-round and inhales great results.

We call it collaboration because we always search for a win-win situation with the brand.
Simply said: We want to be proud of what we make for you, so you can be too. Before we say 'YES' to a project we first
assess if REMI VAN OERS can be of added value for your company and if your brand/company rimes with our beliefs.


Our beliefs


We believe strongly that good design is so much more than just making the ‘looking good sauce’. It’s about making wonderful products, services and experiences for people.

It’s about taking care for the whole process from concept, all the way to the last detail.

It counts how something works, it counts how something is produced, just as much as it counts that the consumer smiles and enjoys the beauty and functionality of the final design.

As a studio focussing on great design, we believe strongly in true collaboration. When your project desires to change the status quo, asks for innovative aesthetics and smart solutions then we will probably love to integrate our intellect and hands on approach to it!




“It is our duty to design useful and beautifully simple to use creations that delight their users.”

If the goal is to make cheap, thoughtless, careless designs then..

Well let’s just say we’re not the studio for you.

On the other hand if you and your brand, just like us feel that the privilege of good design is to make things that help people forward in enjoying life and have that drive to make the very best and most beautiful; Then a collaboration between us will undoubtedly work!

We strive to create timeless and lasting value for our partners (before known as clients).
If you are interested in contracting or collaborating with us, feel free to get in touch.



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