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REMI VAN OERS DESIGN HQ is one singular design studio providing thoughtful, innovative and superb crafted design work.

We design

The REMI VAN OERS DESIGN HQ is an innovative design studio dedicated to creating lasting designs with thought. Through simplistic and distinctive solutions we create an emotional connection. We give people a meaningful experience by the design created.

Our design scope covers a wide range as design direction, consumer product development, furniture design and architecture.

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We care

Designing for us is about more than defining just how something looks.
In our vision good design has the strength to nurture new thoughts, ideas and inventions and turn them into useful, humane products and experiences. Whatever we are designing, defining the experience a customer has is our leading factor.

We help our partners reinvent and upgrade their brand. We target to enclose lasting brand enthusiasm and to change the status quo in an ever evolving market.

We focus

We are small, precise and responsive. focusing on quality rather than quantity. We aim to stay small and to generate a substantial impact. The great work we do is an outcome of the tied collaboration we have with our clients. This trust and openness is the boundary condition that allows our comprehensive approach to prevail.

We often start from scratch, re-think the question asked and re-invent the context to then create great work which is both successful business and human.


We think

We figured out our strengths and weaknesses. We learnt that we are very good at doing something thoughtful and careful. We also concluded we are very bad at doing something thoughtless and unconsidered. We figured out we are good at doing it our way. That way always aims for the bigger picture, the long term approach and to just do it right.

Whether we design for self-initiated projects or for clients; Our approach is no different.


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We compliment

From product design and the next generation of smart domestic appliances, consumer goods, and intelligent furniture systems to complete architectural spaces. We create designs that meet the demands of tomorrow today and that aim to withstand the test of time. But most importantly, we help our clients stand out in today’s highly competitive and fast changing markets by infusing and integrating our distinctive design dna.

Implementing our signature might be that what is setting our collaborations apart from others. Matching and blending the studio with the collaborative brand generates a beautiful complementary result.


Simple complexity

We cut through the clutter and visual noise by removing what’s unnecessary and distilling the essential.

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Thoughtful upgrade

We help company's to reinvent and upgrade their brand building upwards a lasting brand enthusiasm.

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Functional enlightenment

We imagine objects that don’t exist yet and guide the process that brings them to life.

Collaboration outlook

We spend lots of time and enthusiasm working on commissioned designs;
Collaborations as we like to call them.

We talk about collaboration because we aim for added value and dedication in parallel directions.
Said simple: We want to be proud of what we make, so you, our client and partner can be too. Before we say 'YES' to the project we assess if REMI VAN OERS can be of added value for your brand and if the project proposed rimes with our beliefs.

Our beliefs


We believe strongly that good design is about creating wonderful products, spaces, services and experiences for people.

We believe that good design takes care for the whole process from concept to realisation, carefully thought through all the way into the last detail.

We believe it is crucial that good design feels, works and communicates in a humanitarian way.

We believe the goal of good design is to delight its user with simplicity, beauty and functionality brought through its final design.





The aim of design from our point of view should be to make something lasting that enriches people's lives.
Or at the very least helps them forward enjoying it.


When your aim is to make something great to enhance people's lives, then you will make substantially different decisions in the whole development process. This in contrast with just a focus on profits or costs, let’s say the short term approach.
Our approach is that when you’re making something for somebody else, then you want the result to be absolutely perfect, even into the smallest detail.

Working and thinking as designers we always aim to flawlessly blend strategy, technology, aesthetics and engineering into designs which deserve their reason for being and deserve to be around people.
From our extended experience we know manufacturability is important just as costs, schedules and in-time deliverables are. But without the aim to make something succesfull for the end-user all these important settings will fail in the long term at any rate.


If this vision, which we carry out on our own designs and our ongoing commissioned projects, spans the values of your brand then feel free to see if we can collaborate.